Art Gallery

Hudson, Wisconsin

This 1940's era building was originally constructed as a creamery in downtown Hudson. The new building configuration provides several gallery spaces along with areas for a large clay studio and glass blowing studio. An elevator was added to accommodate persons with disabilities as well a serving as a "lift" for transporting large clay vessels from the main floor studio to the basement kiln room. The majority of the walk-out basement space is occupied by the glass blowing studio. Office lease space, with a large, day lit central conference room, are located on the second floor.

The stout construction, required of early creameries, provided an ideal building to house the gallery and studio functions. Exterior walls were constructed and finished with a combination of textured clay tile, stucco and brick. Warm-toned, glazed tile provides the interior wall finish along with red quarry tile on the main floor level. The expression of these simple, durable materials provided the core palette for the building. Custom casework, displays and shelving designed with maple, stained concrete, laminates, stainless steel, and glass compliment the historic shell.

As important as the finish, was the function of the building. Although LEED certification was not pursued on this project, several strategies were employed to create a more sustainable building. Analyses of the existing structure lead to the development of an energy conserving shell conditioned with a high efficiency heating and cooling system. Research into lighting resulted in the selection of fixtures which improved the quality of the light as well as saving energy and reducing the heat load in the building. John also served as construction manager on this project.


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